Asian American for Community Involvement, therapist, USA / Cecilia Nguyen

I have been a member of Adrian Dominican Sisters since 1990. I joined this congregation because I was attracted to their mission.  In this mission of Jesus, “We Adrian Dominican Sisters discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others bearers and recipients of his love co-creators of his justice and peace.”

My daily work at Asian Americans for community Involvement (AACI) is a counselor for the CalWORKs population.  I practice this mission by identifying with my clients who are poor, vulnerable, and powerless women.  I empower them by encouraging them to work for better lives, better parents, and being self-confident.  Therefore, the ultimate goal is assisting them in becoming self-sufficient.  I help them with my unconditional love, care, and respect. I try to give them education on human rights by encouraging them to respect themselves and others.

In the CalWORKs population, they come from different backgrounds, cultures, and colors. I treat them all as human beings. I believe that all of us should deserve human rights.  Thus, it is necessary for them to be respectful, and to live in a peaceful world, no matter what situations they are in. Each individual is like a unique flower in the garden which retains his or her own beauty.

I wish we all live in a world with peace and justice.  All of us treat one another with love, care, non-violence, and respectful human rights.