Be trustworthy and understand the people sorounds you

Lin Yuan, Caretaker, Philippine / Fely P. Juanico

My name is Fely P. Juanico i'm 43 yrs old, single parent with 1 child he is 10 yrs old. I'm from Philippines. I'm working here in Taiwan as caretaker for almost 7 yrs with the same employer. I'm taking care of bed ridden old man. I came from very simple family my parents built me as a better and good christian. We are devoted catholic christian. My father is a farmer he is 74 yrs old and my mother is housekeeper she is 72 yrs old.

We are six in the family i have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they are all married except from me. I'm the third child in the family. I was the bread winner also in the family. I finished my college thru the help of our parish priest because my parents cannot afford already to send me into college because my eldest sister was in college that time also.

when our parish priest knews that i did not enroll to college he asked me if i want to continue my studies in college. He supported me financially until i've fenished my 2 yrs course Junior secretarial. When i graduated i was apply rigth away for work and i was lucky to have my first job. I've worked as telephone operator for 4 years, and after that i've worked as clerk in travel agency and the same time i do manage the resort and restaurant with the same employer. year 1999 i've got pregnant outside marriage, my boyfriend and i was plans already for our wedding but i back out even i'm pregnant already that time because i can't take for what my boyfriend did to me.

He hurt me physically because he got jealous with our customer in the restaurant he don't want me to talked to any men in the restaurant he was paranoid and obsess. He don't trust me even he saw me everyday in my work.

When my father knews about my situation he got annoyed with me and he wants me to marry my boyfriend but when i've told him the reason why i've back out for our wedding he did not insist already. I did not regret having my son even i don't have husband because for me i rather be a single parent for the rest of my life than to marry a man who will only ruin my life. I'm happy with my life now and i become more stronger and responsible in life. being single parent it's not that easy also because i need to be a father and mother to my son.

I felt pitty for my son every time i've heared that he's not feeling well or he wants to go somewhere but he can't go alone. But i don't have choice i need to work hard just to give him a high quality of education and better future and help also my family to have a better life. Year 2003 when ive came here in taiwan to work and my son is only 3 yrs old that time he was with my parents. my first month here i felt so lonely and homesick also because it's my first time to be far away with my family especially with my son.

I was afraid also because maybe my employer will not treat me well. But i'm so lucky because my employer and the whole family are nice to me this is just like my second home also. I need to adjust also in their culture and the langnage. i admit that until now i don't know how to speak chinese or taiwanese i can understand some basic. most of my friends here are taiwanese and we only tried to understand our languages.

Her in my employers house every day most of the time it was only me and my ward in the house because they are busy with their works and at night they go out also. i don't have day off here even once a month only but if i've asked them that i need to go out to buy something or to send money to my family they also allowed me but i can't stay longer outside because nobody will take care of my ward.

It's only ok for me even don't have day off here because i'm here for work not to move around. I did not see the beautiful place ot taiwan because the only place i know was my employer's place. sometimes i can't really avoid to have misunderstanding with my employer specially with my lady boss. she accused me that everyday i've went out and maybe i've only meet my boyfriend outside. which is not  true because every time i've went out i've asked permission to sir and i did not stay longer outside because my ward is alone in the house. i know my reponsibilities here hope they will trust me, and they will not doubt with me every time i will go out because i don't have any  boyfriend here, and i don't have time also if ever i have. I do understand also if my lady boss don't trust me because their employee before she bring her boyfriend here in the house with out their  permission.

I'm so thankful also that my lady boss really cares about me she don't want me to expose outside so that i will not influence with friends who did wrong doings. Anyway to all single like me parents be brave and strong to face all the problems and challenges that you may encounter in your life. give more priority to your family and children.Be contented for what you have in life live simple but full of love. be trustworthy and understand the people sorounds you.For me being beautiful ouside was not a big deal what important is you have huge and good heart.!  

If you do your worked do it with love and respect to the people whom you worked with and have always patient lear to accept your mistake and be friendly. God Bless You All!