AGAPE HOUSE Christian Counseling Ctr., President, USA / Bartolatto Frank Louis

It is so good to be able to wake up in the morning and know you can do anything you want to do. Go to work, school, shopping play ball, etc. We are free to choose the direction we want to go in our life. The Government makes laws for guidance in our society so that everyone can live in peace and that’s good.  It’s just too bad that sometimes people use their freedom and rights, to take the freedom and peace away from others around them. The biggest problem is because of rebellion, selfishness, and greed that causes people to break the laws of society and results in unnecessary pressures.

In the nature of man resides feelings and emotions that unless we have had appropriate experience and training we may find it hard to control them. This will cause us to act or react to situations in life that result in us hurting others and self, and the peace in home and society.  Many because of this find themselves breaking the law and end up in jail or prison. Freedom and rights are taken away, peace is replaced with pain, guilt and a sense of hopelessness. The future of this persons freedom depends on whether or not change comes to those areas of why he / she broke the laws of society. Many are in and out of prison many times resulting in continuous pressure for self and society. Some never change.

In my experience if someone truly changes, it’s because they had help. It’s almost impossible to change one’s self by their own will power, education, and abilities. The most successful changes I’ve seen is when a person submits to God’s love and instructions, making Jesus Lord and living to please Him daily. If mankind could live together in peace and harmony then there would be no problem with Human rights.  As it is, the nature of man is not able to live in harmony with each other that’s why we have military and police forces to keep order and peace in society and country.  Throughout the generations knowledge has increased to the extent that man no longer needs God for he can create on his own. Man has made many great accomplishments which has resulted in great pride in the heart of mankind. Look around at the new world that we are creating for ourselves. As I mentioned before there is rebellion, selfishness and greed in the nature of man, and that is why Jesus told us we must be born again. There needs to be an adjustment and change in the spirit and heart of man that only God our creator can help us with. Change must start in each individual before it can effect the family, society, then country and the World. Human change for human rights must start with you and me.