My Human Right in Daily Basis

Garden Gate Elementary School, student, R.O.C / Edmund Shen

As a student and a son, I should respect my classmates, teachers and my mother. In the classroom, I should not be too loud. Being loud will disturb or bother fellow classmates or the teachers, which is not respecting their rights. Out on the playground, I should not bully other kids. Bullying other kids is not respecting their rights because they deserve to enjoy recess or lunch. At home, I should obey my mother. I should not argue with my mother’s orders for she deserves the rights to tell me what is best for me without being disrespected or objected. Also, if my mother is resting or doing something important, I should not bug her by asking her to play or complaining. At a grocery store, if I see something I really want, I could ask my mom, but no complain if she says no. I would be disrespecting everyone in the store’s rights by making them feel awkward from my complaining. To the plants outside in nature, I should not hurt them. Our environment is a valuable and living thing. By picking or hurting plants, I would be taking away their rights to live. Of course, I should never disobey any law as I grow up. If I do all these things, it would definitely make me a better person.