Age discrimination

Kent State University, OH, Student, USA / Chiang, Yi-yin

As an English teacher in cram schools, I found that there are some evidences that prove the existences of age discrimination. As my precious experiences, the earlier one worked as a teacher, the higher pay they will have, which is relatively unfair to the newer employers. What’s worse, it is inevitable that some employers would assume younger teachers may have fewer experiences in teaching. Somehow, it is a struggle for them to believe young teachers, assigning them more important work.

Besides, some parents are also treating their kids’ teachers with age discrimination. In some cases, when faced with old teachers, parents always think of them as experienced and sophisticated. However, whenever they find their teachers relatively younger, they tend to ask for more questions to double check if the teachers are qualified or not. Take myself for example; right now I am an experienced English teacher to some extent. When I was a novice teacher, I had been treated as an inexperienced teacher. To be honest, I didn’t have enough experiences then, but all I had is passion, which not all experienced teacher have.

In consequence, when meeting new teachers, I am convinced that they really need some suggestions for experienced teachers like us. Being experienced teachers, it is suggestive that I should give new teachers a hand, encourage them with positive words, and believe them.