The Ideal Club

BM WORLD ENT CO., LTD ( TAIWAN ), Director, Egypt / Mohamed H. Ismail

Due to the rapid technological change in the last decades, most of the young people are busy with some negative activities that led to the decrease of their productivity and their positive involvement in the society.

There are many talented young people in every society. Their talent and creativity have been wasted due to the lack of resources and the good will. In order to bring an end to this, I hereby propose a simple solution that may help many young people around the world to enhance and re-invigorate their thinking of better citizens, beneficial for themselves and their societies.

If the governments spend millions of dollars on building sports facilities and clubs to entertain the public, why not provide the necessary funds to build THE IDEAL CLUBS in every city in the world. It can be the right place for exchanging ideas and knowledge, provides the assistance for the talented young people, extract and sponsorship a new ideas in science and technology. This place will be the favorite for the young creative minds around the world. And instead of wasting their time in other negative activities, they can energize their thinking and make them very useful citizens of the world.

In my country, Egypt, there was an ancient Great Library of Alexandria. It was the first true research institute in the ancient world. In this Great Library of Alexandria was the finest genius in science.

The Proposed IDEAL CLUB can be set up in every city in the world with basic research instruments, books and other materials. The citizens will find a place to enhance their ideas, working hand in hand with one another, help to improve with one another, help to improve the morality and competitiveness. Such a club will help many citizens to overcome their lack of resources. Everyone knows that more than half the world population that could not have access to clean fresh water caused by drought or change in the environment, which can then result in famine and diseases. There can be a month long competition sponsored by the worldwide ideal clubs to select the best sea water desalination idea which can be implemented worldwide without restriction because of the human rights to clean water. What a great things if we can find the reliable new cheap technology to desalinate seawater for agro and urban use.

There are many peoples with talented minds and ideas if correctly guided can help to solve many of our problems in the modern world. They need IDEA CLUBS.             

Thank you,
Mohamed H. Ismail

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