A new Health Order and Perspective in Health Care

Advance Global Health

Josefine Brecht, Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R., PRO-Media Officer, UN NGO Representative, Germany

The imperative of integrating preventive, complimentary and traditional health care methods in the Health System is the challenge of tomorrow.

Developmental changes and reforms in modern medical care are necessary to improve the ustainable quality of health services.

But in what direction should these renewal processes go.

The health care of tomorrow must be able to understand and adapt itself to the various changes in social lifestyle, in the real state of human nature and the influences of environmental elements. It must be able to understand the sensorial and organic distortions and instabilities that cause bodily imbalances. It must be able expand its reaches beyond empirical exigencies by utilizing proven practices and experiences that spiritual forces are also involve in healing. Emphasis should be made that in the basic contact between two persons - the patient and the attending doctor - and the atmosphere within which this takes place, has a very important effect in the healing process.

This moment of time, when the patient seeks advisory help and assistance, paves the way for the precondition upon which an unseen "Force" comes into play: the Bridge that links the Patient and the Doctor together. These "Third Element" is important for the healing principle to work. This "meeting together" is a creative moment. More often than not, more felt than known, more perceived than by mere analytical thinking. In former times this process was known as the mercurial principle. It is the principle modern medicine must rediscover and not just constructing imposing hospital buildings and awesome interior facilities.

Researches at the University of Witten-Herdecke, NRW, Germany, show that a change in the mental orientation of the medical personnel and staffs also changes their perception in dealing with their works, change in dealing with and in handling their patients and enhances the process of healing. The emphatic perception is increased and the result is an open attitude in utilizing not only orthodox medical method but complementary medicine as well, contributing to the success of healing at the same time.

In addition to the application of specialized knowledge, experts have consciously and meticulously utilizes subjective feeling in the self-healing process, i.e., Complimentary Methods, to augment prevailing method, have resulted, for example in the improvement of communication and behavioral responses; such as sensibility of finding the right words, increased therapeutic medical competence in the patient's treatment, levels of understanding and humane conscience. Most important, for medical personnel and heath-workers, it prevents "burn-out syndrome Cases."

Ergosoma is a new branch of Cognitive Training designed to broaden and expand perception. It begins by bringing the symphaticus and parasymphaticus systems into state of stability. The effectiveness can be determined by normal EKG Measurement method and Thermodynamic means, where the patient itself can feel the difference, and by scientific or natural biological medical practitioners. The use of therapeutic perception provides an insight into the processes taking place or what is happening in the patient.

Furthermore, it offers an intuitive access to various complementary, preventive and traditional healing arts and how they can be individually applied to accentuate the right method to each and different cases.

The popular traditional medicine of ancient China and Tibet, or western traditional healing methods, if combined with modern scientific systems, will
reconcile the modern times with the Living Past. This will usher a new medical thinking and orientation - a synopsis level will be formed, i.e. the amalgamation of the systems into global-one-ness will bring something new into being: "Advance Global Health Care System."