Less Greedy, More Pretty

Dr. Nwe N Tun, MBBS. USA

            Normal  human nature, human are greedy about these and thats. Some are greedy about food, things, products, profits, education, power, and etc.. Women are greedy to feed their husband and kids so many food. The factory owners are greedy about their product. The sale company boss are greedy about their profits. The teachers and students are greedy about their score. The officers especially government and police officers are greedy about their rant and power. Due to greedy, so many bad things occur everyday!

            Bad result for health: One of summer day, my one of friend who lives in Arizona called me because his son admitted to the hospital with high blood sugar. I asked him "Why?". He told me he bought a lot of soda package because he got good discount. His son drink only soda, no water. He saw a lot of soda in kitchen, and he drink a lot. The result was he got high blood sugar and almost hyper glycemic coma.

            Bad cycle for environment: The factory owner push to get more products. The product marketing team want to get more profits and more sale. They make the discount coupons for public. Discount coupons are save money for us. However, we are greedy and buy so much. Something, it cannot save money, rather it waste it up. Usually, discount products are almost expire products. If we cannot use on time, those gonna to be expired and need to threw it away.

            Bad score of education: Some teachers give a lot of home work to students. Some students cannot follow it due to many reasons; most are families and health conditions. One of music teacher share her experience about her teaching story. She gave same amount of project to two student. The one was pretty good job and done on time. The one was never done on time and even ugly sound. She gave more project to that student. The result was worst. The last she found out that student parents always push to do so. The student got stress out and could not catch up the lesson.

            Bad officers: Some officers always show their power. When they show their power, their need think they gonna harding people. Especially army officers, police officers and government officers are showing their power. Laws and orders are made by them. the big problem is ordinary people never understand clearly the laws. Some how, they might unintentionally mistake and violate the law. If it is happen, most officer never explain and respect to people. They just show their power and make the non sense orders. Officers never think they are violating human right when they communicate un respectfully  to people.

            Pretty housewife: I was cheap and bough so many discount food. I always worry about not enough food that I made. Moreover, I was an over-fed women and  let my husband and nieces to be gluttonous. I realize about my friend story and try not to buy many discount food products. My husband always tell me "Enough is Enough". I try to make enough food for family. Now I am a pretty housewife; no waste and more save!

            Pretty environment: People need to control their greedy! Nows a day, some country have so many products and wasting, losing businesses and money. Some country have not enough food, things and cloths. How can we make it balance to make a pretty planet earth! It is not easy! But, it is not very late to solve the problem. We can start from us. We shall clean our own closet. If we do not wear for long time, don't save it donate it. If we don't need it don't buy it. Again, "Enough is Enough!"

            Better generation: Teachers and parents look forward to our generation. However, they shall not look only their side. They need to understand the kids. Instead of pushing, encouraging and accept the education levels.

            Better Country, better World: Laws and orders are main key of Country safety. Officers know the laws. Not even looking for their greedy power,they shall consider ordinary people side as their part of family. They need to respect all people equally: Warning notification is the one part of it, Smoothly explanation and communication is necessary.

            All about greedy, that is worst to our Planet. Let us start from now, less greedy, and take the actions for betterment of our humanity and the Pretty World!