The Garden of EDEN

Jessilyn Ng Liu, EFG Bank Philippine Secretary to GM

Just imagine yourself to be in the garden of Eden - fresh air, fruit trees, humming birds, clean water, smell of clean, crisp fresh air. You eat fresh fruits and vegetables without any need for using chemicals to clean them. Children and every person and animal are all healthy.

If this is our place now, we will be saving a lot of money instead of buying medicines, chemicals, pesticides, going to doctors, hospitals and use money in other ways more productively.
But people now are generally self-centered, lazy, and complacent. Having the thought or even the attitude  of "let other people do it". But if we could only do it in our own little ways starting in ourselves and the nearest environment we live in we can make something better out of our own little world.

Maybe if we only look at the environment as something borrowed from our Creator and would eventually be accountable to Him when He comes soon, would we be more responsible? In my own personal experience, i take care of things borrowed more carefully than things of my own. Maybe this idea would push us to be more diligent in taking care of our temporary abode while passing thru earth on our way to Heaven.

Hope that this will serve as a reminder that:

 Before we polllute, remember that this is not our permanent home, we are accountable to the owner of our planet, and most of all  Our children will bear the consequences of our actions.

 Before we throw trash outside a trash bin, remember that we might be the one who will step on it and slip! Therefore, always throw trash in its proper place.

There are lot of ways to preserve our environment and our planet, let it begin with you and me.