Another Kind of Wisdom -- Respect

Dr. Chen Yuh Shuen, Hung Kuang University Dean of Student Affairs

The word “respect” is often mentioned in our daily dialog. It seems to have become the communication and interaction among people but the overwhelming majority still stays, respecting each other only among people. In fact, the respect is not so narrow. The respect should be in the human, the matter, the article, the Nature and even in the world of visibility existence and soul aspect. So I share the following with the respectful mood.

The respect should act the selfless mind transmission medium among the human and simultaneously open another kind of wisdom space. The respect itself is one kind of life. It is a lubricant which exists in different angles of language machinery among people. It makes both sides achieve the joyful dialog. This can more display the respect influence of the life essence. Here, I emphasize that to respect does not mean to endure. Endurance is a passive practice; that is, taking a step back leads to the wider sea and sky; forbearing a moment leads to the calmer mood. In fact, these terms have made respect to be misunderstood. In another point of view, respect is the positive approach and the preventive psychology. Endurance is the worst policy of treatment psychology. Therefore, if we want to establish the great impact of respect among people, respect must occur before the dialog, and meanwhile in moving intentions, we resonate with each other. It is believed that any personnel matter will be quite satisfactory.

Respect in matters should maintain the cause and effect integrality of the incident and insight into the opportunities. While ordinary people deal with the matters, they don’t understand the whole story. It causes to give rise to another problem after solving one problem. Thus to respect the formation and result of incidents is the supreme realm of handling things. In other words, let the matter represent completely with nothing left. We seek the great benefit of all living creatures by totally respecting the orbit of matter development in the past, the present and the future.

The display of respect among articles is the environmental protection concept. It is the best portrayal of cherishing the good fortune by making the best use of every article. To extend the use of materials can reduce the pollution of manufacturing articles and the recycling costs, so people and articles can coexist. Hence, respecting the tangible objects in our daily life, performing its functions and producing more additional value is respecting for the interpretation of sustainable management of the objects.

The respect in Nature, between heaven and earth is actually the message transmission. Moreover, it conveys solutions of all conflicts. Only people can understand and more know how to utilize this message to respect another kind of wisdom. May the everlasting life be satisfactory and sublimate the mind between heaven and earth, in Nature.

All in all, respect in the human is for life education, in matters for the non-persistence, in articles for the everlasting utilization, between heaven and earth for the non-good and non-evil treatment. I anticipate that “respect” produces the substantial functions in all essence. Except the ignorance in people’s deep mind, let people be unable to find out the demarcation of confusion and realization.