About Human Rights

Dr. Lamuel Stanislaus, Former Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations, Grenada

Let me begin by congratulating Dr. Hong and the Association of World Citizens, for convening this conference in commemoration of the Universal Declaration of human rights, which is a code of conduct for guaranteeing human rights of citizens in every country, in every land around the world. Human Rights entail civil, political, economic, social and culture rights, which if observed will promote peace within and among nations.

Let me then, pose the question, which is a challenge to the world and especially to the United Nations.

Does Human Rights begin with economic and social concerns, such as food, shelter, health, education, and employment or does political freedom take precedence with respect to the fulfillment of this and other Human Rights?

Do countries have to attain certain levels of development, before the civil and political rights of the citizen can be flourish?

The answers to these two questions are contained in the writings of author, T.C. SINHA that sustainable development is not possible without respect for Human Rights, and that Human Rights are meaningless in an environment of poverty and that deprivation.

Let me end by wishing, the conference and the distinguished participants every success in their search for solutions to one of the most difficult challenges facing humanity. “Ad multos annos” to the beautiful people of Taiwan and their advanced country.