AWC President Wadlow’s trip of human rights watch in Taiwan

First Stop: the Chinese Association for Human Rights


Mr. Rene Wadlow, the president of Association of World Citizens (AWC), arrived in Taiwan on 5 Dec 2012 to start his trip of human rights watch in Taiwan . The first stop was the visit to the Chinese Association of Human Rights, the first human rights group organized by civilians of Taiwan , at 10:30 am on December 6. President of the Chinese Association of Human Rights, lawyer Su Yiu-Chen, gave Rene a warm welcome. The two gentlemen who have been dedicated to human rights hit it off very quickly and admired each other for the works done. They also exchange ideas on how to help the government implement the two international Covenants of human rights.


Su Yiu-Chen expressed great honor to receive the special guest from Geneva to make the association as his first stop in the trip of human rights watch. “This has been the great delight and honor of the association to receive you.” said Su. Lawyer Su has been devoted to the work of human rights in his career of more than 20 years. Being involved in the Su Chine-He case and helping bring justice to Tai Ji Men case are the things he is most proud of. “Human rights are worthy goals deserving people’s commitment of life.” is lawyer Su’s motto.


Rene Wadlow spoke highly of the contributions the association has made over 30 years and admired lawyer Su's efforts in the Su Chine-He case. Rene's human rights works were mainly in Geneva . However, he was in the opinion that all the different things in different places actually affect each other. So what is happening in Taiwan could have significant relevance for the UN. Rene thought that it is very correct and visionary for the Taiwan government to implement the two international Covenants of human rights. And the education of human rights is the first step towards the implementation of the two Covenants. He also admired the efforts the association has put into in pushing the protection of taxpayer's human rights as this subject has always been ignored. However it is emerging as one of the most hotly-debated topics in the Obama administration which is seeking ways to increase taxes to reduce deficits. The tax policy is also becoming important in European countries facing heavy debt loads. The experiences Taiwan has in advancing the protection of taxpayer's human rights could serve very good examples for other nations to follow.


Lawyer Su was greatly inspired by Rene’s remarks. The association has been working on the protection of taxpayer’s rights for two years now. And the English translation of the beige book on taxpayer’s rights was just released. The tax collection code will dedicate one chapter to the taxpayer’s rights. However, we have to constantly monitor the acts of the tax agents to ensure the wrongs we used to have such as excessive penalties, unfair treatment during the process of administrative relief, and violations of taxpayer’s property rights, personal freedom, right to life and reputation and fame will not repeat in the future. The association is aiming to publish indicators of taxpayer’s human rights next year and will continue the hard work in advancing rights of taxpayers, both in Taiwan and around the world. 

President of Association of World Citizens, Rene Wadlow, meeting with lawyer Su Yiu-Chen, president of the Chinese Association of Human Rights, in his first stop of the trip of human rights watch in Taiwan .


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